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Victor Daniel

Photo of Victor DanielAs I reflect upon my two week stay in the Valley, one word comes to mind—calm. The isolation, wide open spaces, chirps and calls of birds, coyotes cackling, and the whistling wind have soothed and calmed my soul and mind. Before arriving here my life was a whirlwind of responsibilities and worries—one task after another. Here in the Centennials, when I close my eyes and listen to the wind and rain beating against the roof of my cabin, all I see are clouds rolling across the valley. They form in the mountains, tumble across the valley floor leaving only their shadows and the occasional raindrop as a reminder that they were here. My raindrop, my gift to the valley, is my film.


The Sites and Sounds of the Centennial

by Victor Daniel

My goal with this film was to showcase the natural beauty and diversity of the Centennial Valley.This film was created for the Artist in Residence program for the University of Utah's Environmental Humanities Education Center. The film and music is all original and was created during a 2 week stay in the Centennial Valley in Southwestern Montana.

Last Updated: 7/1/21