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Caroline Clerc

For my project at the Taft-Nicholson Center Artist in Residence Program I explored environments within the Centennial Valley region.  My process involved taking photographs from a single walk, then returning to the studio to composite these multiple images via digital methodologies into a single photograph. These artificial, yet familiar, landscapes provide a distilled experience of a dense visual scene that becomes difficult to untangle. The social and the cultural intersect in this space of reconstructing an image; the work is informed by both research into the history of landscape representation and the unique environment of the region. For the residency I began on the road that circles the valley, exploring the idea of the vista. As I progressively worked my way inwards and outwards on less marked routes, the photograph becomes increasingly convoluted. This residency enabled me to have an immersive experience within a diverse and compelling landscape and the opportunity interact with the generous and supportive Taft-Nicholson Center community. 

Caroline Clerc:

Last Updated: 6/30/21