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Bob Armstrong

Bob Armstrong

I have lived in San Francisco for my entire life, and my paintings are deeply influenced by its natural beauty. This engagement with beauty carries over into my travels to other areas throughout the American West, and is my inspiration in all of my work. I celebrate this world by carving into wood panels, because wood is an organic material that transports us into nature. In this process, I seek a meditative journey that calms and inspires. 

My concern with the environment is also central to my work. The importance of preserving and enhancing our natural environment is among the most pressing issues today. The world we live in needs protecting, and by emphasizing its beauty, I hope to call attention not only to what we have but what we might lose.

I display my work in outdoor art shows, at Open Studios, and at local galleries. In addition, my studio art also engages with the world through education. I work half time as the Art Coordinator at Buena Vista Horace Mann, a public inner city Kinder through 8th grade Spanish Immersion school in San Francisco’s Mission district, and my job there for 20 years has been to ensure that all of the students receive a strong education in Dance, Music, and Visual Art.  I use my connections as a San Francisco artist to help with this.


Last Updated: 1/12/22