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About the Taft-Nicholson Center

The University of Utah's Taft-Nicholson Center is a unique education destination focused on engaging the humanities to deepen and enliven environmental study. In addition to offering powerful educational opportunities and experiences, it is also a perfect launching point for exploration of Montana's beautiful Centennial Valley and the surrounding region.

The Center is housed in historically significant buildings originally part of Lakeview, Montana. The Centennial Valley provides an unprecedented oasis for the soul in nature. Montana Natural Heritage Program has rated the Centennial Valley as one of the most significant natural landscapes in Montana, a tribute to its intact ecological systems, expansive wetlands, diverse native fauna and flora, and concentrations of rare species. Visitors to the Center have unparalleled opportunities to explore, study and create in a singular wilderness area with diverse ecosystems.


The Center was made possible the generous and visionary work of John and Melody Taft, and Bill and Sandi Nicholson. These two couples invested their time and resources to purchase Lakeview and lovingly restore its unique and historic buildings. Accommodations include charming and elegant guest cabins, a student dormitory a large conference room and a dining hall where guests can engage in lively conversation while sharing a wonderful meal and the unlimited vistas of the Centennial Valley.

The Center benefits from the University of Utah's 501(3) non-profit status. Proceeds from the Center support student scholarships and graduate fellowships at the University of Utah, with particular emphasis on the Environmental Humanities Graduate program.

Last Updated: 6/30/21